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Welcome to American Religions in a Global Context

Cultivating Knowledge

It is impossible to understand the founding of the United States, the conflicts that have shaped it, and its place in global affairs, without a deep understanding of religion. Religion influences everything from political elections, to racial inequality, to healthcare and medicine. Religious commitments and histories also shape and exacerbate global politics, global views of the U.S., and America’s engagement in foreign affairs. On our campus, political differences and polarized views may not always appear “religious,” but their larger implications are certainly informed by religion and religious ideas. 

American Religions in a Global Context is a hub for faculty and students to integrate interdisciplinary learning, dialogue, and research. Academic leaders from the fields of Religious Studies, History, Education, and Anthropology provide undergraduate and graduate students with the chance to immerse themselves into a cross-curricular understanding of religion. ARGC offers a space for faculty and students to apply their research to matters of national and global concern.


The ARGC supports world-class scholarship and public-facing conversations on the significance of religion in American life and the role of American religion in shaping global society. 


The ARGC aims to become a global leader in helping scholars and the broader public understand why American religion vitally matters to political polarization, racial justice, and global affairs.